At this tragic time our hearts and prayers are with the people of Orlando

"Although we lose a valuable member of our family, we are happy to learn that he will continue the struggle for human rights in such an important international position.” – Jim Prince


“Thanks indeed for the great work the Democracy Council has done in Timor-Leste... a first-of-a-kind for our country.”
-Francisco da Costa Monteiro,
​Office of the President, Timor L’este

“As emerging nations work their way toward democratic politics and market economics they need more help. They need partners. The Council is such a partner...”
-Dr. Greg Treverton, RAND corporation

​“The Democracy Council founded the Palestinian Transparency & Accountability Project… to promote financial and governance reform.  The group’s work was largely credited with revealing a $900 million gap in the PA budget.” -Signed by Members of Congress.

Combating Extremism & Promoting Human Rights

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Democracy Council Board Member, David Kaye Appointed to United Nations Human Rights Post

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Council specialists have a proven track record of successfully developing and managing projects in many parts of the developing world, including areas beset by war and fundamental change.

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The Democracy Council was founded in 1998 on the belief that good governance, economic opportunity, human rights, the rule of law,and the free exchange of information are fundamental elements of stable societies and the universal rights of all.


The Democracy Council supports activists promoting civil society and human rights in repressive or transitional societies around the world.